Curated by Craig Saper
and Theo Lotz
TypeBound Catalog
The Books Bound The Book's Bound: This exhibition includes a wide range of works from sculptures that reference books to books that reference movement and shape beyond the bound page. These sculptures might not fall within our definition of artists' books, allowing visitors to draw their own boundaries between the categories of book and sculpture.
Socio-Poetics of Typewriting A Socio-Poetics of (Type)writing: This exhibit challenges our conceptions of printing and type. Although Constructivist and Concrete are better known movements, Typewriter Poetry was an important variant of visual poetry. Like other examples of modern and contemporary art, typewriter poetry highlights the process of making art. This is one of the first exhibitions in the United States to focus on typewriter art.
In TypeBound, two of the book’s most fundamental elements—its bindings
and its type—are separated and examined for creative possibilities as
they are freed of their basic, traditional functions. The artists' books
that emerged in the 20th century stress the integration of the material
structure and form with thematic and aesthetic issues.

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This exhibition has been funded by a generous grant from the Winifred Johnson Clive Foundation.  
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January 27 - March 6, 2009
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