Wambly Bald

Dark a de rain a de cold a de bang a de bang the train like hell- - - -sixty miles a de bang blowup noise for a guy Lefty grabbed blind baggage in Baton Rouge tough bulls shoot for fun- - - -now in the night for next ace hole of creation maybe Chi Lefty chat- ters teeth keep cold off maybe and spots towns running by Oyellow spotlights spots and spotted by every big stiff a bull maybe back to 90 days like Berardino the bast turds ALLtheTime the train in freezing night passing town lights all for Lefty- - - -the engine sparks sting the stiff shivers against baggage car he digs in pocket but gets tired no fun How about Thursday wit Virginia and not a lemon take it fromme- -worth weeks pay that has everything AND hot B U T riding on the train it goes sixty miles a de bang a de bang cold riding like hell tonight and wish I was in Memphis said he his feet chilled to socks- -get restless feet get the St. Vitus. mebbe - - - - - - - - From the one foot p

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