Axton Clark

Intelligence a surfboard carries him an express train bullets him over afternoon hills crumpled autumn leaves himself stalking dangerously : this ocean these steel tracks heaving in undeniable disardonic exultation (flesh himself love makes bessemer boiling river cool both lingering after in solitude over afternoon hills crumpled autumn leaves) himself exaltation thrust forward dangerously surfboard express train FIRE petalling windows FIRE petalling factory windows FIRE petalling windows : serial caves cut in mountaintop cliffs brick cliffs unsealable pistant factory cliffs FIRE river cool ices to ice freezes to ice frices to freeze : bessemer boiling steel cakes to ice icepain icehorror icepain NO NO surfboard dives express crashes to airplane airplane leaps crumpled leaves : ice thaws river cool splashing to quench NO NO sun slides behind leaves behind tracks behind ocean NO FIRE : cliff windows unreflecting spit out darkness against river cool uncooling u

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