ASIA (art readie)

Rue Menken

Great Asia knows the world world talks with numbered measure words know their place ho is ho and never ha words never minute things rarely hours sometimes born in silent months painted words more than time The painter a patient memory sees a temper in each wind feels the fleeting ocean mood each mood a shape each shape a mood each callegraph a melody each line a muted note whirlwinds drive brushes quickly on the yielding silk kisses grow with subtle stroke death creeps with colors aging line evolving Eye sees best when leashed behind the hand hand has many worlds in each finger the finger ages in each tip the hand draws out soul of clouds presses them in pastel prayers there is one shape to life only fingers feel the rythmned hill the bowing tree the tossing mane Great Asia stroked mountains with caressing fingers smoothes oceans with feeling hands blue is song red is heart white is love green is life rishi

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