Gertrude Stein

We came and were pleased with what we saw. It was very much as pleasant as it could be. It was nearly with which we were to be as much as possible contented. In no time we were made where we were. This is an introduction to residing. A nephew of an old woman could be shot having been mistaken for a wild boar not by those who had the right to destroy the animal by themselves by those who were doing it illegally. So then they made it as if he had been killed. The result of which is that we have no wild hare. One day we had two visitors they stayed not with us but in the neighborhood two days and during that time they were with us and we found it agreeable to show them things that were known. What is known homes and places and lakes and churches. An attitude of being made agreeable to those who do not care to address him. What is history. Believe them it is not for their pleasure that they do it. History is this anything that they say and that they do and anything that is made

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