Kay Boyle

Sat smoking cigarettes thinking change coming over him - interest where was it in slipping lace bolts off counters - diamonds green ice rubies gone stale - watches in gentlemens vests no longer tempted, - playing gigolo paled like conversation of fat behinds who fell for it - not that he had done much - one two little things not very much but better Paris police didnt know where he was awhile - took overcoat off hook in restaurant - couple of fox hides slipped off counter - enough to keep him sitting out of sight - hotel room smoking cigarettes Maman brought him - Maman doing well now on boulevard Clichy - no time to herself night-work extra - something in face pleased clientele - figure not bad either - knew some change must be coming over him - didnt care for girl-friends - something taking place changing him all over sat smoking cigarette Maman talked of bistrot in country - rent it summer Seine et Marne - he serve drinks she invite gentlemen - nice steady clien-

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