Jay du Von

(Authors Note : Heres a poem which I have tried to batter into a readie. My idea has been that the subject, verb and object are of first importance and compose the base or skeleton of the sentence — that they must be firmly grasped by the eye and memory — and later the qualifying adjectives, conditioning phrases and clauses. When a moving tape of words is flashing past, must not the basic words of this skeleton be emphasized in order that they may be remembered for their rapport with other basic words in other parts of the sentence? For example, in reading Proust ones attention must be relatively close. Often in his long periodic sentences, it is only after the subject has been qualified and conditioned ad nauseum that the principal verb is introduced. An inattentive reader has forgotten the subject by the time its verb is reached. Obviously this is an exaggerated instance, but the same close attention will be demanded because of the speed of the tape; and I believe it

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