Daphne Carr

I wanted to go straight to Bettys but P.C. and the boys and I went with a bunch of others to the place because wed been invited and thought we ought to be nice and show in.. ... It was one of those awful Sunday afternoon parties where people just sit and say things ... There wasnt enough light in the room, but I could see very clearly the toosolid shoulders of the host in front of me... The perfect Milwaulcee haircut was just too much and beyond were two very weighty feminine presences near the fire so, I said to PC ... I want to beat it to Bettys with the boys. Just go get me the vibrometres. The boys havent done it so often. ... The instruments werent necessary you understand for the boys going through the wall and straight to Bettys the way I intended, but the boys had only done it a few times and the vibrometres would help them get their intensity and frequency right-maybe even avoid an accident. After they were used to it they would recognize the intensity and frequency without ha

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