B.C. Hagglund

Two to me two to me two to me listen listen listen listen. . .two to me I would bewitch a witch. . .I would bewitch a witch and charm and changing cherry. . .into a cheery crystalline and cucullated cone. . .on a tree standing lone strong and hone. . .upon a windswept ledge that frowns on my unknown. Two to me two to me thus the calling singer spreading song and singing. . .sobs a lone refrain impending rain and calling rain. . .down on the valley the lonely valley the peaceful valley wherein I stay. Greenish, creamy shawl is thrown about the shoulders of the night. . .and i watch in affright one large eye red and angry. . .stare at me over mountain ledge and tree. . .down on the valley as if to say you are the lone alone alone. . .come unto me for i am rest i am the thing that you have sought. . .i am the peace from soul and sobs growing like a cancer in your soul. . .i am the quiet of the night i am the night i am that to which you turn. . .when a gusher of emotion bursts the

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